Public administration

Highly-qualified ICT services and solutions for Local and Central Public Administration

Dinets boasts a consolidated experience in ICT services for the public administration by operating in the industries of networking, unified communication, server/storage and security with supply, advanced setting, consultancy, corrective and evolutionary maintenance services.

Backed by a fourteen-year experience, Dinets has reached high expertise, efficiency and service level both in the scope of Central Public Administration (PAC) – by rendering professional service to the Presidency of the Council, Presidency of the Republic, Senate of the Republic, several Ministries and the Central Command of Guardia di Finanza – and within the Local Public Administration (PAL) by operating for medium- and large-sized Municipalities, Provinces and Regions.

This top-notch service is ensured also via strategic partnerships with ICT worldwide leading players such as HPE and MICROSOFT, with whom Dinets has achieved highest certification levels. Dinets is also part of Telecom’s HPE supplier group for the CONSIP LAN 5 agreement.

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Public administration

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