Public administration

Public administration

The company deals with the acquisition, management and disposal of equity investments in Companies or Entities as well as real estate purchase and alienation. To carry out its operations, the company makes full use of information systems, and to ensure their operational continuity it has implemented a server and storage infrastructure based on HPE Blade System technology.

Over time, new companies have merged within the group resulting in the need to implement new applications (e.g. management systems, CRM, etc.) into IT infrastructure.

The HPE BladeSystem c7000 infrastructure under production is a highly performing and scalable solution supporting latest-generation servers and allowing to create high performance interconnections.

In order to guarantee service continuity, Dinets has provided consultancy for the analysis of new application requirements and the design of infrastructure expansion.

The proposed solution consists of new hardware and professional services:

  • Expansion of blade system’s computational resources with RAM increase on an existing server and introduction of a new blade server
  • Expansion of the HPE MSA storage system with new SAS hard drives
  • Creation of VLANs and rearrangement of IP addressing
  • Configuration of the VLANs in the Switch Blades
  • Reconfiguration of VLANs on ESX Hosts
  • Shifting the required VMs to the proper VLANs

Obtained benefits:

Resource streamlining The HPE BladeSystem infrastructure gave us the opportunity to expand computational resources on the same platform without adding new external rack servers

High reliabilityThe HPE BladeSystem c7000 platform ensures high reliability due to the redundancy of interconnections and of power and cooling systems.

Centralized management The BladeSystem single management platform allows the IT team to manage the entire data center in a simple way

Data security The Enterprise-level storage system ensures data protection via RAID mechanisms, HDD spare and connection/power supply system redundancy.

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