Power supply manufacturer/provider

Power supply manufacturer/provider

The customer (a manufacturer and distributor of electricity from renewable sources) has several hydroelectric plants located in Northern Italy.

As a part of a bigger project, they required remote control and viewing, from the main office, of all the cameras installed in several peripheral plants.

The creation of an automated remote control system of the systems installed in peripheral units – which very often were not supervised by personnel nor maintenance workers – lacked a visual confirmation of the command given by the headquarters.

For project development it was necessary to carry out inspections of each location to collect as much documentation as possible in order to propose the best customer-tailored solution.

Through centralized management of plant automated remote control, our solution allowed to verify – through video and in real time – the correspondence between the launch of a command to perform a physical action and its actual implementation.

The remote control software configuration meets maximum flexibility requirements with the possibility of real-time viewing, from headquarters, what happens on each unattended external site, both in terms of security and immediate verification of the remote control actions.

This flexibility allowed to create maps and sub-maps so as to recreate customer’s virtualized geographical network and place the installed cameras inside it for easy access and quick search.

Furthermore, through the creation of customized “groups” of video cameras, it allows you to monitor the most critical points which need to be constantly under control.

Finally, to secure each remote location with a distributed workforce (as was the case of this customer), properly-sized firewalls were installed to support the required workloads.

All customer targets have been achieved.

The infrastructure created allows to centralize video streams fed by peripheral hydroelectric plants’ cameras on a single management console located at the headquarters.

This solution allows you to remotely control peripheral cameras by viewing their video streams in order to have a visual and real-time correspondence of remote automation commands. This solution ensures the safety of the actions carried out even in the absence of on-site personnel.

Starting a new project is easier and safer with us.