Media Web

Media Web

Mediaweb® is product by Dinets srl developed by a ten-year long experienced expert team made up by researchers, designers and developers of middleware applications and technology in the field of health and medical care.

Mediaweb platform offers advanced services and cutting-edge solutions in the eHealth segment by significantly improving the quality of hospital internal processes and, more importantly, by increasing patient management efficiency in terms of clinical data and treatment administration.

At the same time, Mediaweb provides patients with a whole range of opportunities to improve the overall quality of their stay.

Patients won’t feel alone anymore since they will be able to connect with the world outside the same way they will relate to hospital staff any time. This device means a wide range of patient-centered services.

TV Channels: analog, satellite and digital terrestrial

Internet: web-browsing, email send-receive, social network access

VOIP Services: with or without pre-existing systems and/or Skype

Entertainment: listen to music and audiobook, watch scheduled or video-on-demand movies

Videogames: on line and interactive games

Mediaweb is here to embed in a single interface all the services already existing within the main health care infrastructure. Our solutions address any patient-related hospital process such as:

  • Keeping track of patients’ medical records and ID health cards and managing documents such as privacy statements, admission and discharge forms, etc.
  • Booking visits and checking test and examination results through hospital record filing systems such as DICOM, RIS, PAX, etc.
  • Reserving meals, arranging personalized weight management programs, video-consulting with hospital staff and/or between physicians and different hospital wards and attending Holy Mass at the hospital chapel by clicking a dedicated link.
  • The physician can also view high-resolution images on touch-screen monitors or tablet/iPad.
  • Supporting health care staff in bedside treatment management and monitoring patient administration of any given therapy, thus considerably reducing the pharmaceutical expenditure and administration errors.

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