Dinets gets 2016 award as 1 st Italian Partner at HPE Aruba

Dinets has been awarded as 1 st Italian Partner during the HPE Aruba’s EMEA ATMOSPHERE 2016 event taking place in the region of Algarve, Portugal.

Marco Olivieri (HPE Aruba Channel Lead) talks about Dinets and its stance:

“We are glad to acknowledge you as HPE Aruba’s most trustworthy Italian Partner.
We actually believe that Dinets more than deserves this award, which has been earned through constant dedication and attachment to HPE brand over time. Such a long-lasting and thriving partnership allowed for our business relation to consolidate, a joint achievement of market shares and a mutual appreciation standing as a proof for the whole partner community”.

Dinets comes back home from Portugal with even more drive, passion and proposals, highly satisfied and honored for achieving this goal.

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